There are some key elements to the way we work, values we are proud of. 

All these individual principles are connected to one another and they build the foundation of úton.


The brand takes inspiration from minimalism in more than one way: on top of our modern aesthetic, we only offer a curated selection of considered designs in 3 core colours, focusing on the balance of functionality, comfort and style.

The fashion industry generates close to 100 million tonnes of textile waste annually, and the power is in the customer’s hands to change this.

Our designs transcend seasons and were created with the conscious approach to ditch the relentless fashion calendar and, with the help of our made to order and small batch production models, it allows us to contribute to the global effort of waste reduction.

sustainably produced

Made to order fashion, traditionally associated with the world of haute couture, encourages conscious consumption by producing only what’s ordered by the customer. It’s a key manufacturing tool to reduce garment waste and to stop overproduction through eliminating excess stock and the opportunity to buy unneeded clutter at a heavily reduced price at the end of each season.

This method of production is considerably slower than regular manufacturing but all the more rewarding.

In response to the increasing demand, we created our core range, a curated collection of our most popular basics available in stock. They are produced in small batches in line with our fundamental effort to minimise excess stock. 

made in Melbourne

We are committed to the slow fashion movement and local manufacturing allows us not only to embrace this idea, but also maintain close relationship with the makers. It also provides us with the ability to ensure high quality and ethical manufacturing standards are followed.

Supporting the local fashion industry and knowing that our garments were made by valued workers who earn fair wages and work under safe conditions are paramount.

Manufacturing locally is not just an ethical decision, it’s also sustainable: reducing environmental impact through using less transportation, consequently leading to less carbon emission.

slow fashion

Buy less and buy quality that lasts. They’re the basic principles of slow fashion but really there is so much more to it. This model considers the process and resources required to make clothing and that reflects in the way we embraced the movement.

In line with the conscious approach to reduce waste, we developed our garments to last:

They are designed to support new mothers not just during pregnancy but for years to come. The fabrics we use are durable and comfortable and the designs are practical and timeless: they are not your typical maternity ensemble so you can wear them long after you've given birth.

proudly supporting the following environmental partners and charity organisations

proudly supporting the following environmental partners and charity organisations: Ecologi, ACF
proudly supporting the following environmental partners and charity organisations: Women's Community Shelters, Fashion Revolution
proudly supporting the following environmental partners and charity organisations: Panda, Global Sisters