measurement chart
all body measurements are in cm
we ask you to measure your body as indicated here

Sizing across brands can be very inconsistent, so to find the best and closest fit for you, rather than converting the 'standard' sizing, we ask you to measure your body as indicated here.

We adjusted the fit and the sizing of our garments to allow for the changes your body is going through during pregnancy and beyond. 

The relaxed sizing is combined with lightweight and stretch fabrics for maximum comfort.

If you are between sizes, for a slightly relaxed fit please order the bigger size (recommended for maximum comfort) and for a tighter look please go down a size.
We're passionate about making mamas feel great in their skin, so if you're unsure about your size or need any more information, please get in touch we're here to help.

The benefits of wearing under-bump garments during pregnancy

We designed our range not just to flatter your growing body, but to also provide the most comfort during all trimesters and postpartum.

Our under-bump waistbands with crossover front were developed specifically to gently hug and expand around the growing bump, without restricting your movement or breathing. The high and thick back waistband provides lower back support and a nice snug feel when you need it most.

Too tight, ill-fitting and constricting pieces are never good news, but to be strictly avoided when pregnant! They won’t just increase your discomfort, but can pose serious health risks for both you and the baby, such as:

- Poor blood circulation

- Increased body temperature

- Lower limb swelling and varicose veins

- Shortness of breath

- Heartburn and indigestion

- Premature contractions

- Limits free movement of your baby

- Yeast infections, rashes and chafing

Always opt for premium maternity wear over the cheaper option. 

Chances are they are higher quality, and your money will be worthwhile when wearing it the 100th time.

And don’t worry about what the size tag says, nobody can see it! If it feels comfortable, it’s the right size!