Hungarian word, translates to ‘on the way’ in English.
the founder of úton

I’m Kinga, a mum of two, and the founder of úton.

This beautiful expression ‘on the way’ in my native language couldn’t sum up better what the brand is all about: 

It doesn't just hint at the baby’s arrival but also refers to the extraordinary and life-changing journey a woman takes as she transitions to a mother.

the idea

I like to use the term “considered” to describe our designs, as truly a great deal of thought and consideration went into every aspect of creating the label.

Maternity wear often comes with the association of short-term use. Our vision for úton is to offer high quality, exceptionally fitting pieces that balance comfort and style and blur the line between pregnancy, recovery, breastfeeding and motherhood by seamlessly blending into any postpartum wardrobe.

The choice of creating a curated selection of seasonless basics originates from my minimalist ‘less is more’ mindset. I believe that a few cherished and well-used quality items will go further and last longer than a closet full of mass-produced, often unworn disposable pieces.

the fit

Pregnancy is a huge adjustment for our bodies. The weight gain is often accompanied by problems like swelling, joint pain, soreness, discomfort, excessive sweating and back aches.

Using my background in garment technology, I started experimenting with maternity designs while pregnant with my first bub. I wanted to create modern, minimalist pieces that don't just flatter the growing body, but also provide the most comfort during all trimesters and postpartum.

As a fit expert and a mum, I know how important well-fitting, comfortable pieces are. Too tight, ill-fitting and constricting garments can pose serious health risks for both mum and the baby. We use buttery soft, stretchy and breathable fabrics, and developed designs that mould around the growing body and feel super comfortable during all trimesters. Our signature under-bump waistband leaves the bump unrestricted and cool, but provides snug support for the lower back.

the make

Beyond the fit and functionality, the way we manufacture our styles also plays a significant role.

My grandfather was a tailor back in Budapest and I remember spending a lot of time in his studio, which founded my deep connection to the workroom and admiration for the process.

Every úton piece is sustainably manufactured in Melbourne, in an effort to support the local industry, reduce waste and limit our carbon footprint. We are proud to contribute to the global slow fashion movement with accountable practises and encourage our customers to embrace mindful consumption.

Thank you mama for supporting us on our journey, we hope to do the same for you.

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